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Speaker 1) Maria Abbas

Maria Abbas is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Psychology Counselling and Spirituality at Saint-Paul University, to pursue a career as a Clinical Psychotherapist. She has completed a Bachelor of Cognitive Science with a specialization in Psychology at Carleton University in 2018. She is also a certified cognitive coach who practices cognitive stimulation therapy to help with the advancement of dementia and improve the quality of life for seniors. Maria had initially started practicing as a cognitive coach in the geriatric unit at the Royal Mental Health Centre, where she had been volunteering since 2016. Maria had joined the Cognitive Remediation and Neuroimaging lab in August 2018 as a graduate student. She had developed psychoeducation discussions for participants with mental illness involved in the cognitive remediation intervention study. Within the lab, she has now co-authored and published a meta-analysis on cognitive remediation therapy in major depressive disorder.


Speaker 2) Michelle Cadieux

Dr. Michelle Cadieux completed her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, &; Behaviour at McMaster University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on multisensory integration, specifically the interactions between the multiple reference frames used by the brain to navigate the world. Dr. Cadieux currently works as the MacIntroPsych course coordinator. Her role includes helping to teach over 4,500 students every year. Her primary research involves investigating the best methods and practices for instructing the largest class at McMaster. Dr. Cadieux’s position puts her on the front lines of exploring what can be done to help students transition to university life and achieve their academic goals. She examines how different course structures can promote or hinder learning, while paying particular interest in the role that online learning now plays in many large classrooms. She is most interested in how to improve overall student engagement to prevent students from being lost in a sea of first year undergraduates.


Speaker 3) Stephanie Chan

Stephanie received her BSc with Honours majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Public Law at the University of Toronto. She is interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology. Her research interests include examining the ways in which mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can influence emotion regulation, self-control, anxiety, depression and interpersonal issues. She is especially interested in whether such interventions can produce positive changes to an individual’s thought processes and well-being. Her hobbies include traveling, working out, trying new sports, spending time with her dog, and reading.


Speaker 4) Mawdah Albatnuni

Mawdah Albatnuni is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) and a certificate Canadian counsellor, and she completed her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Her counselling experience is primarily in community agencies, and currently works at the Counselling Group.  She works with refugees, newcomers, children, and families where she offers culturally appropriate mental health counselling in both Arabic and English.  Though she is trained in a variety of therapeutic methods and employ an integrative approach to interventions used in therapy, she believes that a therapist’s most powerful impact is when they situate their client’s wellness in socio-historical contexts and highlight resilience and strength based responses of individuals, families, and communities to trauma. Mawdah is also interested in research in the field of culturally-relevant mental health; she has recently published an article that explored mechanisms between prayer and well-being in a Muslim population and she continues to explore potential avenues in this field. 


Speaker 5) Naomi Levitz-Shobola

Naomi Levitz-Shobola has worked in both interpersonal and community social work settings in urban and rural areas in Canada, the United States and Haiti, in a variety of languages. She has spearheaded a newcomer mental health initiative in Southwestern Ontario and Windsor’s Take Back the Night program. She has been active on various local committees including the Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee, WEFIGHT Human Trafficking Initiative and Health Equity for Newcomers Initiative. She also chairs the board of directors for the AIDS Committee of Windsor/Pozitive Pathways and sits on boards for the Jewish Community Center, ALSO (Assisted Living Southwest Ontario) and has worked with the Accessibility Initiative for the Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants. 


Her professional focus has been on working with women experiencing trauma, community building, cross and trans-cultural initiatives, client/peer integration in community services, mental health and addiction. Naomi holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts focused in Indigenous/ Equity Studies and Sociology, along with a Masters of Social Work in interpersonal practice and community systems. She has also created course materials for college, bachelors and masters social work classes and conducted student and peer supervision in the areas of interpersonal practice, field education, social work with mental health and substance use and social work with new Canadians. She has shared this expertise with non-profits locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 


Naomi’s work stems from a belief in inherent personal strengths and collaborative care in all settings and she has worked to create dynamic professional environments based on critical thinking about structural inequities and opportunities for creating new and alternate senses of self through stories that focus on resiliency and empowerment. ‘The discomfort IS the work’, but the results can be transformative.

Neat Mentality, a youth-led organization that strives to effect positive change in the mental health field by providing youth with access to resources and professionals. 

This webinar was held on March 20th @ 2 pm ET and participants received the opportunity to learn about various careers in the field of psychology and mental health. We had a diverse range of professionals and graduate students who provided insight regarding their career, inspirations, view of mental health and more!

Mental Health Matters Webinar


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