• Leilani Xue


Breathing is a natural thing that all people do, but don’t realize. Deep breathing is one of the ways you calm yourself. If you’re too stressed, controlling your breathing is a good way to keep your mind and body relaxed. Stress is a reaction that we face when dealing with uncontrollable things: Those things may include due dates, meetings, and tests.

Even though stress cannot be controlled, your breathing can be. If you breathe deeply in and out three times, you may not feel instantly refreshed, but you will sense your body ease up a little bit. Breathing exercises often take time to calm your body down. You don’t have to look for a specific sign to know that these exercises are indeed working. We live in a convenient world where we expect instant results - but breathing isn’t like that; it just takes time.

Breathing is beautiful. It reacts to our emotions and gives us life. Take a few seconds of your time to breathe. Listen to guided breathing exercises to improve your mood and your performance on daily activities. (Just breathe in and out and repeat!). Breathing is flexible; you can stop when you want to and continue on later. There are so many different breathing exercises, and different exercises work for different people. Since some breathing exercises work better for different situations, make sure to explore various exercise patterns and decide which one works best for you.

A basic breathing exercise may work to calm your anxiety before a presentation, while a guided breathing exercise may effectively prepare you for an extremely overwhelming situation. But, again, a guided breathing exercise may instead be more effective preparing you for a presentation, because we’re all different and our stress levels change depending on very different things.

Explore the world of breathing; breathe and smile, because everything will be fine. Just breathe...

Photo Credits: “Breath” — by Yaoyao Ma Van As https://medium.com/@lucasdavila_33661/introversion-lofi-and-economics-shaping-concepts-in-a-world-of-subjetivities-a60c31eae74c