• Daniel Martanda

Reconquering your Resources: Building Mental Muscle

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Written By: Daniel Martanda

A few minutes of practice a day can help you gain a new mentality & build the mental muscle you need to become the best version of yourself.

Rewire your brain to think differently. Balance your emotions. Think rationally & perform efficiently. When we strengthen our minds, we can achieve all these things.

Mental strength is defined as the ability to effectively perform your best regardless of the challenges, pressure, and stressors that are presented in front of you.

It is the key to self-discipline, delayed gratification, grit, and perseverance. People who are mentally strong are able to deal with their circumstances while keeping a positive attitude.

Kobe Bryant referred to it as...

"The Mamba Mentality"

He may have had the talent but spent countless hours practicing to get that. He was driven & consistently focused on developing his mental & physical skill set. He showed it out on the court & made his name known around the world.

Top performers embody more than just talent or intelligence. They have grit, which is the perseverance & passion that drives them to achieve all their goals.

The ball is in your court...

Where you choose to move...

Who you wish to become…

Well, that's up to you.

Nobody can force you to practice, nor hold you accountable to your actions. However, they can support you with the resources that can help you grow. If you really want to be the best, you are going to have to prove it through your actions.

Here is a list of drills that you can practice. These will help you grow the skills to become an overall better player. Let’s start with some fundamentals!


The practice of bringing your full attention to the present moment without judgment. It is the ability to be aware of where you are and what you’re doing, and not be overwhelmed by what is happening around you.


• Improves overall well-being

• Increased empathy & compassion

• Improved immune function

• Increased happiness & optimism

• Improved sleep

• Greater focus & concentration

• Reduced anxiety & stress

• Less emotional reactivity

• ....


• Trying to fight the current will wear you out & pull you deeper into the storm. By failing

to pay attention to the present moment, you may fail to notice a valuable resource

which is right beside you.

• When you teach your brain to be more mindful, you are redesigning the physical

structure of your brain.


There are various techniques one can use to practice this. For example, meditation, noticing body sensations, using your five senses, accepting the prescense of your emotions, coping with cravings, etc.

• Get in touch with your senses (ex. Sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste)

• Pay more attention to the environment around you

• Focus on the things you are currently feeling

• Listen & notice things in the background you don’t normally notice

• Smell the differing scents around you

• Pay close attention to the taste of your drink or food

Additional resources on Mindfulness & the Fives Senses Exercise


The practice of mapping a route of where you want to go in life, with the objective of turning your vision into a reality. It is the process of identifying something to accomplish & establishing measurable objectives and timeframes to help you achieve it.


• Guided focus

• Improved behaviours

• Clearer decision making

• Maximized usage of available resources

• Provides motivation

• Creates a sense of purpose

• Assists in overcoming procrastination

• ...


In order to address your weaknesses, you need to figure out what your strengths are. Having clearly defined goals will help you focus on acquiring new knowledge while organizing time & utilizing your resources more efficiently. Remember to recognize the small accomplishments as a part of your journey, for it will serve as further motivation.


• Identify what means the most to you & realign your path towards it

• Set lifetime goals in whatever category you consider important to you (ex. Career,

Financial, Education, Family, Attitude, Physical, Hobbies, etc.)

• Set short term goals that you need to complete to reach accomplish your lifetime goals

• Set daily tasks to accomplish that help you work towards your goals

• List the things you want to heal, improve, learn & redefine

• Get out of your comfort zone & complete one tough task every week

Additional resources on Goal Setting

Try to practice these two things first as they play a big role in the foundation of your mindset. It is important to always start small so that you don’t feel like your plate is already full. Then we can look into satisfying your hunger to grow more.

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