• harshit mahajan

Digital Minimalism

In this blog, we will talk mostly about: “how you clear your digital clutter and find peace and calm”.

“How do you simplify your digital life?” is quickly becoming the question of our generation. Between packed calendars, overflowing inboxes, and the constant pull of social media and news (oh, and Netflix) it can start feeling like how much time you spend online isn’t really up to you.

“Why should we do we practice Digital Minimalism? ” is the main question here: why is it necessary for us to do it, and how will it help us in our day to day life.

Due to this pandemic, we know that everything we do is online, on our mobiles, or on laptops or any other gadget we have. Everything is done virtually, and we are basically watching our screens 24/7. Digital minimalism is our way to stop unnecessary usage of our gadgets - like watching Netflix or spending hours on apps like Instagram and Tiktok - which adds very little value to our life. Instead we can focus on the things that are more important to us and that we love to do, which we may have forgotten to complete due to this pandemic.

We can spend time reading books, cooking, playing with our families or relaxing from the hectic lifestyle that seems to last till the end of our day. Our apps have made us vulnerable and have made us think that we are not at a good place, or can’t be happy without certain technologies - but it is not like that. It is just their trick of convincing us that we need to use their platform more.

Few steps for starting digital minimalism are:

First, there’s choice and intention. You’re still using technology, but only when you want and only in ways that connect to your own values.

Then, there’s optimizing the tools you use. What you allow into your life needs to work for you. This means separating the good technology from the bad.

Finally, there’s accepting that you won’t be everywhere all the time. Tech companies survive on the concept of FOMO – the fear of missing out. But digital minimalists are happy to miss out on the things they know won't bring value to their lives.

Key benefits:

  1. We will have more time to do things we actually love

  2. Self Peace, less mental pressure

  3. We will find more joy in physical things that we own

  4. Better focus and clear vision to our goal