• Leilani Xue

Healthy Eating

During COVID, some of us may eat snacks to cope with stress. Although it may be fine to have some cheat days, it is not good if they reoccur. In fact, eating unhealthier meals has been shown to impair brain function and negatively effect your mood.

According to WebMD, eating processed meat, fried foods, refined cereals, candy, etc., will increase your likeliness of developing anxiety or depression. This is because healthy foods are a key component to allowing your brain to grow and develop. Eating healthy decreases your risks of developing mental health disorders.

Fermented foods like Kefir, kimchi, yogurt are rich in live cultures that reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Even things that are sweet, like dark chocolate, have antioxidants that are great for improving your mood!

Sutter Health says that complex carbohydrates - like brown rice, lean proteins - like fish, and sources of fatty acids - like nuts - are extremely helpful for optimizing your brain and nervous system function.

Overall, stay away from processed foods and eat healthy meals. Changing your diet may be difficult at first, but soon you will learn to make better choices and notice a difference in your own mental health.

Some of these foods may be costly or unavailable to you, but a small change is better than nothing. All the best!




Photo Credits: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/how-to-change-food-habits-for-a-healthier-life/2014/06/03/d7d7f088-e692-11e3-a86b-362fd5443d19_story.html