• Leilani Xue

Lo-fi Music: Medicine For The Lost

Updated: Jan 30

Lo-fi Music: Medicine For The Lost

Staying isolated from my peers during past year was difficult. I watched hours and hours of videos and still could not satisfy myself. I just could not stop watching movies- not even when those movies became boring. Nothing seemed to make sense to me. I did not have classes at school, or friends whom I could talk to. Those days grew slowly into an endless stretch of nothingness. Time was painful.

But once school began, I noticed I began listening to only one genre of music — Lo-fi. I could not quite remember what my initial thoughts were on this type music; but I could say that I was always a fan of Pop and Hip Hop. And although the types of Lo-fi music I listened to did not fall into any of those genres, Lo-fi was still similarly soft-sounding and never too loud. The music was predictable, and I liked it.

There were different Lo-fi playlist that I would listen to while studying. Oddly enough, it was not the music that I enjoyed, but the communication with the rest of the community. At that time, I did not know if any of my peers were interested in Lo-fi; but I would later discover that many people listened to it, and it was so popular that music stations played it too.

The Lo-fi community I was first exposed to was lost and empty. While I was listening to the music, I would scroll through the comments and read wishes and supportive messages. These messages came from strangers who I vaguely felt I could relate to. I always felt I was in the place … and it felt right.

Many of Lo-fi’s listeners claim there are never any negative comments in the chat. These are one of the many reasons people find a connection with each other: the commenters open their feelings and others welcome it.

The music did not erase loneliness and emptiness - but it made these feelings felt less heavy. Many people would open up about their past experiences. They talked about their empty friendships. They discussed their childhood. They told me that it was okay to feel sad.

The mental health of many has been worsening during this time of uncertainty and isolation. But Lo-fi is not just about music, it is about reforming the community.

Though everyone has a different taste in music, and though Lo-fi may not be for you, the Lo-fi community is always there. Remember that you are not alone.

Photo Credits: WallpaperAccess (https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/687854543066644909/)