• Evelina Johansson

Men's mental health is also important

One day when I looked at a different account on Instagram, I was very impressed with a girl who created a post about mental health. The post she uploaded had a huge impression on me. In the following blog, though I liked her perspective, I wanted to talk more openly about my own thoughts on that post, discuss my own ideas and opinions on the topic, and articulate my own solutions.

Things we need to normalize for men are:

Taken at instagram account: @fightthroughmentalhealth

Before I start analyzing each one by one, I want to say that I never imagined I would be talking such a serious problem. I really hope this blog helps not only men, but also women suffering from this disease.

Speaking openly and giving good advice to those around you, so we have a more balanced and beautiful world, is not a shame at all. Believe me, it's not. You have to talk. It is brave of you if you do it with your heart. It is important to improve the world around us and not to be quiet without doing something, because without action, nothing improves.

On the contrary, things will get even worse.

Now I want to start analyzing the problems of men's mental health (my own advice of course).

  • Mental health problems:

The truth is that every man and every woman has different problems that preoccupy them on a daily basis. These problems, whether they are serious or not serious, bother us so much that we consider them all important. Our mind is the strongest organ in our body, and I will not underestimate it.

I fully understand that men in particular have a special and perhaps a more complex way of thinking than women. The solution that I want to give (although it is very difficult to use in practice) is for men to rest their minds in ways that please them and makes them happy. But people who have a more severe form of depression and who may find it difficult to rest their heads; the people around them who love and support them should probably take more drastic action.

Having caring people next to others plays a more important role that anyone can imagine. Even a warm hug can make the depressed feel better. A hug is never lost, and the smile that comes after it comes quickly if the person is expressive, or later alone, if you are not there to see it. Love is a very strong antidote, even if it does not manifest itself at first time.

  • Going to therapy:

Doing treatments and going to a psychologist to help you recover from mental health is no shame at all. I fully understand that some people are ashamed to talk to their specialists or think he/she may not give them the advice that they need to overcome metal health problems. But be aware that there is non-disclosure agreement for medical information and that specialists will never reveal your medical information to anyone other than you. All appointments are completely private and personal.

It is a good choice for you to visit your psychologist and to talk calmly with him/her about your problems. Do not be afraid to do so. Always remember that the therapist will not be angry. Discussions will lift your spirits, and from time to time, you will begin to feel much better. That will give you the energy to do things that you were afraid to do in the past. The psychologist is not your enemy, but is a very good friend of yours.

Do not forget it! And if you have not tried it yet, I recommend that you do so as soon as possible. Stay strong.

  • Ask for help:

The word help is very important for all people, and especially for men. Men try to look strong and are afraid to ask for help when they need it. There are some men who need help, but unfortunately who will not ask for it, because they think that others will consider it a sign of weakness and worry that their own psychology will decline further.

But no! We must not say this or make fun of these people. We must offer them help in any way we can, in the best possible way. Shame is what will make you weak and not help your situation. Being ashamed is normal, but it will not give you the opportunity to overcome the fears and difficulties that you face. You have to do it face to face. Do not let it get you down.

  • Shows emotions:

Yes, it is not uncommon for men to show their feelings, but it is also not entirely healthy. They must express them in every way. Emotions are the mirrors of our soul. They show us things that are representative of ourselves (either good or bad).

It's a very healthy way to express them. Do not suffocate them, because if you do, they will come out after a long time in the worst way. You better to avoid this. There are thousands of ways to express emotions you feel every time (with a song, with an art, with a painting, with a poem) and in general with anything.

  • Speaks out:

You may believe me, but talking openly to anyone is the best way to calm yourself and to reduce a part of your mental health disorder (maybe completely). The great truth is that speech is a truly a unique therapy. If you do not find someone to talk to from your family environment or even with a friend, you can consult a specialist. Or, even if you do not want to do this for personal reasons, you can very easily discuss it with a person you trust. (Sometimes the answers to the questions we have come from where we do not expect it).

It is not uncommon to find answers to things you that want to ask. Questions in life are absolutely necessary. Therefore, talk openly, and make your life more interesting.

Men should generally learn to start opening slowly. A percentage of men do not like to talk about different topics, and though that is not necessarily bad, I think it would be good for them to slowly start opening their hearts and making their lives a bit better. Nothing to be ashamed of on these issues. Open your horizon.

  • Not being ok:

Not being in order certainly shows their psychic world. Being sad does not mean that everything is fine with your life, or that you may not care about things that you want to discuss. Women should talk more often with their friends, partners or even their colleagues, because socializing makes them feel better. Do not let anyone be sad. No one deserves it. Especially men who are known to be sensitive in reality may be hypersensitive. Sometimes they show from the outside that they are hard, but in reality, they are in pain. Leaving them helpless will make the situation worse, and we do not want that, so we should always help them, and not forget that a tender hug will make them feel better.

Thank you so much for reading the blog, and I hope you enjoyed it because the men we have next to us, whether they are our friends, talkers, partners or even taking care of them, we should always help them, give them a big and tender hug and also to always be by their side because they really need us.

Write me your impressions, or even if you want to ask me something in the comments, I will be at your disposal and answer all your questions .