• Evelina Johansson

Mental health and Healthy living

Updated: Jun 27

Healthy lifestyle is important and directly linked to our psychology. Being healthy is not about maintaining physical health, but also about looking after your mental health. Though our body and soul can be considered as two separate things, in the context of health, they are very much related to each other.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always important. By choosing the foods that contain all the necessary nutrients for your day, you will be activating your body's vital functions, ensuring that your organs work better (thereby reducing your risk of getting illness) and guaranteeing you will make better decisions for yourself.

The frequency of depression increases year by year (so here are some ways to deal with it):

The big and sad truth is that the frequency of depression in recent years is increasing - especially due to the rise of lockdowns and COVID-19. Depression, so to speak, is an insidious disease. It may appear the moment you do not expect it to and might be something that you will be judged for incessantly.

There are several ways to deal with depression - if you are in the early stages of fighting it. Here are some examples:

  • Listen to your favorite music. Music is one of the most effective ways to deal with depression.

(Tip: I do not know if listening to music has been proven by scientific studies to reduce depression, but it has personally helped me and I hope it helps you too. I advise you listen to music songs that have happy tunes - so you can lift your spirits when you listen to it and lose yourself in its melody. It is very important that you practice doing that).

  • Do your favorite exercise or walk for at least half an hour. Believe me, you will find peace and will be able to clear your mind of various thoughts that bother you.

  • Watch a favorite movie or read a book. Find your own way to let your mind travel to places you want, and be with the people you want to be with.

  • I know that eating chocolate is a bit difficult, but if you want to eat even a little bit of chocolate, it can be healthy because it helps activate parts of your brain.

How should our breakfast be in your daily lives, so that you get a day full of energy, vitality and lower depressiveness:

Breakfast is a very important meal because it can either make or break your day and determine whether you have enough energy to cope with your daily routine. Being healthy is very important, and we all need to increase our abilities to produce antibodies, so we can resist viruses, bacteria and diseases.

From my personal experience, I have realized that for breakfast you should eat all the colors of the rainbow in order to get all the necessary nutrients and have energy to get through the day. Eating breakfast this way is both beautiful and nourishing, and looks very appetizing and tasty when it is made well. Eating healthily and properly is very important. You should never neglect it, because if you choose to neglect breakfast, you will weaken yourself day by day. Later, you will not have the enough energy to do things that you consider important - which if not done for a long time, will make get ill.

The rates of depression can be gradually reduced, as long as our breakfast is satisfying, tasty, and nutritious. Also, a very important factor is exercise. The various exercises and times we perform them benefit our circulatory system and aid our body's functions.

Should you not consult a doctor or a specialist even if your condition is severe?

I know very well (it is perfectly normal) that there are people who will refuse to see a specialist because they think they can determine what is best for themselves. I personally believe that we should not do this because - even though we know our own situations better - when we take matters into our own hands, instead of helping ourselves, we might only end up hurting us.

Believe me, it's neither a shame nor a bad thing to ask someone for help. But if you do not have full confidence in your own doctor who examines you regularly, you can ask for help from other family members or even your best friend (if they have time to help you). To the person you trust, ask him/her for help and do not hesitate in seek their council. Protect yourself in the best possible way and never give up. You are valuable to everyone, and you really deserve to be cared for.

Giving yourself a positive message every day and being in a good mood further reduces depression:

Depression often does not last forever. In many cases, people are just in a short -term or long-term phase. There are several ways to reduce depression; for example:

  • Sleeping every night with a person you love reduces the frequency of depression, stress, and allows you to sleep more calmly.

  • Keeping your mind busy with various small activities (such as going to a river, being alone in nature or looking around) also reduces the frequency of depression and is one of the best ways to relax, soothe and find absolute peace.

  • Watch YouTube and listen to your favorite songs. Close your eyes and stop thinking for a few minutes about what is bothering you. Enjoy the music, which gives you the opportunity to forget the world you live in and allows your thoughts to travel to a world of their own.

  • Go for a walk with your loved one. The journey, instead of being toiling, renews and heals you and reinforces relationships that you have with your partners or family.

  • Dance, have fun and do not drink too much alcohol. (Alcohol in many cases, instead of doing good, gives the opposite results to what one might expect). Dance with your soul. Dancing is one of the best ways to feel light and smile.