• harshit mahajan

Poetry Heals Mental Health

In this blog, we will be talking about how Poetry affects Mental Health.

Poetry allows us to use the nuance of language to talk about some of the most difficult feelings that humans can experience. Poetry can help us shape our loss, heartaches, and even our depression in a form of free verse, haiku, or iambic pentameter. It forces us to confront our innermost thoughts and feelings and write them down in a comfortable format, which can be shared with others.

Poetry as a form of comfort: There’s something very soothing and comforting about repetition and rhyme. For some, it can be a source of great comfort and relaxation. Writing poetry can help you get to the heart of your thoughts or feelings that you don’t quite understand, or those that you want others to understand better. It can help us navigate through these muddy waters, to find a kernel of truth within ourselves, humankind, even in the world itself.

Poetry as a platform for change: While poetry can be a source of comfort, it can also be a powerful tool for societal change. Through spoken word, many people have become more comfortable sharing important topics like mental health, and the internet has helped to spread these messages. When we write our thoughts in form of Poetry, it helps us understand ourselves better and increase our creative power.

Poetry has a great and very positive effect on our mind and it also boosts our mood and makes us feel more relax and energetic.