• Ashley Rosser

PTSD, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Written by: Ashley Rosser

The Merriam Dictionary defines PTSD, as “A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.” But for me, I would define it as sleepless nights, therapy sessions, and toxicity. Having PTSD is horrible, but having a loved one with PTSD is just as painful.

Growing up, my dad was in the military. He served in the military for years, then later retired when my brother was born. He soon realized the military was where he belonged, so he decided to reenlist. We soon moved to Colorado Springs, where my dad deployed to Iraq. I remember dreaming of the day my father would come back. He was gone for 1 year and returned. A few years later we moved to Clayton, New York. By far, one of the most beautiful places on earth. We were all happy there. My dad, again deployed to Afghanistan, right after he got back we moved to Copperas Cove Texas,

My dad was always a careless, wholehearted guy. But, when we moved to Copperas Cove, that seemed to change. It didn't start out that way, My brother and I started school there, while yes it was a rough transition we both eventually made friends and situated. However, after a year things started to shift. My dad would disappear for a few days and eventually come back. The vodka bottle got emptier and emptier. But, as the bottle got emptier, so did my dad. The careless father I used to know seemed to care a little too much about things that slipped my mind, Everyone in my family was affected by this too. We all blamed it on Fort Hood, as it was a horrible place for several soldiers.

We moved to San Antonio, where things started to go downhill, The arguments for longer, the vodka collection got bigger until everything snapped. Our world was turned upside down. My dad eventually got help and it took a long time to get in a steady spot. While he does have good and bad days, he’s better.

While PTSD is a long road to recovery. It does get better. Even when it seems there’s no way out, there is.