• harshit mahajan

Simple Living

How Simple Living Can Improve Your Mental Health

In this blog, I will share with you how you can get started with living a Simple Life and how it will benefit your well-being and mental health.

So what is Simple Living basically?

Simple Living is about living a less hectic lifestyle with a firm purpose as to what you are passionate about and what you care about most.

This means living a life that is driven entirely by what is important to you.

It is about finding beauty in the less significant and putting the quality of what you do over the quantity. It is about valuing the things that make you happy, and stopping chasing the status quo, its symbols or your social expectations.

One common term to understand about Simple Living is minimalism.

Minimalism is a hot topic nowadays, but people don't get exactly what minimalism means.

Minimalism is not about getting rid of all your belongings, instead it means finding value in what you love, cherishing it and removing everything that does not add value to it.

How you can start with adopting a Simple Lifestyle.


When you declutter and organize, your physical possessions begin to serve you, instead of overpowering you. And this is such a wonderful feeling, that you’re likely to continue doing it, thereby fine-tuning the rest of your life. It’s addicting to experience that post-declutter feeling of weightlessness and renewed space. Clearing out your wardrobe can easily lead to a digital declutter or a re-examination of your tight schedule.


We often underestimate how long a task will take, and then we beat ourselves up over not making enough progress. Or we expect too much of ourselves, especially when trying to embrace a new lifestyle. Then, we tell ourselves we’re just too busy or not motivated enough to make that change. And the self-fulfilling prophecy comes true: which is, when we artmaking actions that ultimately cause us to be unproductive. To start a slow living lifestyle, it’s better to re-evaluate your work and slowly cut back to the essentials that allow you to focus on what really makes an impact. Schoolwork and overtime at the office are often glamorized, but they rarely push you in the right direction.


  1. When you eliminate long stretches of work from your calendar, your work-life balance will improve and you get more quality time with valued friends and family. Your relationships will improve when you prioritize the important people in your life.

  2. Simple living can also mean increased financial independence. There’s no more pressure to buy the latest gadgets or keep up with the neighbors, and no impetus for using retail therapy as a mood booster.

There are a number of other ways also to perform Simple Living on a daily basis, which I will try to share in my upcoming blogs, as I will also share my experience practicing minimalism for 2 years now.